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Save money AND protect our environment.

Money off your bill

The UK’s hospitality sector has the potential to save
£435 million in energy costs per year. And we want you
be part of that number.

Manage your energy consumption

Detailed analysis of your energy usage can make your hospitality business more eco-friendly

We always give good tips

We give handy suggestions that make managing your energy usage simpler and easier.


We’re all just guests.

The UK hospitality sector’s total energy consumption is 16,980 GWh, equivalent to running precisely 3.6 coal fired power plants for a year. We’d like to change that.

We believe that we are all just guests on this planet and the last thing we want to do is check out early. That’s why we are giving people within the hospitality industry the power to make a positive change. And save a little cash too.


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Feed me the facts!

Find out what’s going on in our world and yours and get some useful information on how to make your business more eco-friendly.

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Being Considerate

Fluttr was developed by The Considerate Group, which is a specialist company that helps hospitality businesses operate responsibly. The in-house team comprises experts with extensive hospitality industry knowledge and experience (operations, sales & marketing, finance and maintenance); sustainability analysts; and engineers. Con-Serve™ by Considerate is ISO 50001 certified as an energy management system.

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