About us

This thing is bigger than all of us, right? We wanted to give the hospitality industry the tool it needed for making a difference.

fluttr has been created by Considerate Group. We’re a bunch of people who are connected by two things - we’ve all worked in the hospitality industry, and think it’s high time we got together to do something for our industry, and the planet. Things are hotting up. Just ask a polar bear.
And would you argue with a polar bear?

We saw that our clients were looking for a user friendly energy management tool that would help their team work towards sustainability goals, and cut costs at the same time.

So fluttr was born.

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I like lots of data, it takes away any biases or subjective perceptions – if staff tell me one thing I can point to the data and it doesn’t lie… all this data can help me with decisions, like: can we change the way we operate the kitchen? Does one menu use more than another?

Operational Director of a Pub Chain with 6 sites in London


Fluttr is not quite ready to download — but leave your details and test the app for free!