How it works

fluttr helps hospitality businesses understand their energy consumption ‒ enabling them to see areas where planet and cost savings can be made. Once you’ve worked that out, you can work with us to plan the changes you’ll need to make, and the suppliers who are best to do it for you.

We made a video to explain how it works.

What you need to join the fluttr movement

First of all, you need a smart meter. We know that having detailed access to energy data helps businesses save money. Fact. For example, three of our customers made fantastic savings in just 12 months, when they switched to smart meters. If you haven’t got one yet, maybe now might be the time.

Hotel Size Small Medium Large
Consumption Reduction 6.10% 9.70% 3.30%
Associated Cost Savings £628 £15,785 £124,537

Thankfully the process of getting a smart meter is not as tortuous as you might think. Click the link below to register for a smart meter through your energy provider. Once you’re done your energy provider will get in touch with you to organise an installation.
Welcome to the future.

Find your energy provider
and get a smart meter

Fluttr is not quite ready to download — but leave your details and test the app for free!